Our Services

Full Department Management

Our management team will help your therapy department maximize its clinical outcomes and increase revenue with our time proven management model. With an extensive footprint throughout the continental US, our management team can quickly and seamlessly switch you building over to our systems. Once on-boarded your building will enjoy access to an expert therapy staff, our experienced regional managers, specialized clinical resources, custom software solutions and audit management.

Clinical Oversight

If you facility or department is looking for some clinical expertise, look no further than our team of clinical experts. Smaller departments and facilities can suffer from the lack of resources which a larger company can bring to bear. Taking advantage of our clinical resources which include experts in therapy, nursing and administration can help both our staff and yours reviewing your current practices and to address specific clinical issues that can come up. From mock surveys to policy reviews, let our experts help you become a leader in your area.

Audit Services

Our audit department is trained to ensure that all audit responses, whether it be to Medicare, HMO or any other request for documentation, are timely, complete and most importantly demonstrated the skill in the services done. In addition, this department performs regular mock audits to ensure that the charts remain complaint and ready should an audit request ever arise.

Ongoing Education and Training

Ensuring that our staff are on the cutting edge of their respective fields is extremely important to our company. We believe that keeping our therapists are up to date on the latest treatment advances make them better therapists which enhances the services we offer to our patients. To this end, Ultimate in conjunction with our sister companies offer several in-house seminars throughout the year on various education topics. In addition, we work with each individual facility that we service to identify specific programs (e.g. Stroke, Parkinsons, Cardiac Care, Joint Replacement, Wound Care, SCI, Etc.) that they feel there is a need for in their area and train our therapists accordingly.

FEES Testing and Vital Stim Services

As part of the services that we provide, our Speech Therapists have access to, and are trained on our Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing machine. This tool allows you to test patients in the comfort of the facility for swallowing disorders without the hassle and expense of a third party company. Our reports can then be used to dictate treatment and diet levels all without the trip to a hospital for a Modified Barium Swallow test. In addition, our SLP’s have access to our library of Vital Stim machines to ensure that patients who would benefit from this unique treatment have access to this equipment all at no cost to the facility.

Recruitment and Retention

Our recruitment and retention division, can handle all your placement needs from floor staff to management. We work with you to identify your priority needs and budget and come up with a plan that ensures you get the staff you need when you need them. Once a candidate has been identified, our staff will walk them through the interview and offer process staying in touch with the candidate until the day they start the job and often beyond.

MDS Review/Oversight

When it comes to your MDS’s you want to know that your submissions are accurate and reflect the care provided to your residents. At Post Therapy, we go beyond just working with your MDS staff to ensure minutes and ARD’s are accurately documented. Our MDS experts can get involved in all aspect of your MDS process from CMI planning and review to CMS quality measure support. CMS regulations are constantly changing and are extremely intricate, let our experts help guide you and give you the peace of mind that this important assessment is given the attention it needs.

Billing Support

When it comes to billing, we recognize that ensuring that your facility bills are sent timely and accurately is of the utmost priority. To this end, our team of rehab managers, regional directors, support staff and billing experts work in concert to ensure that your therapy files are completed timely and checked thoroughly. Our extensive process ensures that both Therapy, MDS and the various other departments data are accurate and complete, giving you billing team the ability to quickly and effectively bill for services done. In addition, if there are every any billing questions that your team may need some advice on, our billing experts are available to help as part of the comprehensive services that we offer all our clients.